A beautiful tree is the perfect asset to your garden if it is healthy and well-maintained. If your trees begin to wilt or are not looked after well, they make your garden seem unappealing and derelict. Along with ongoing maintenance from a qualified tree-care specialist, you also need to know when it’s time to remove a dying or unattractive tree from your lawn.

There are many reasons for which you would want to get rid of a tree from your garden. No matter how big or how small the tree taking up space on your property is, removing it is no easy task. That’s why it needs to be left to specialists so that they can take care of the job correctly, while following all of the necessary precautions and regulations.

Why Remove a Tree from Your Garden?

No matter whether it’s from a residential, commercial or public space, there are several different things that could lead to the necessary removal of a tree from your yard. It could have structural problems, be diseased or have termites, be nearing the end of its life, or have suffered storm damage.

In some cases, a tree may need to be removed due to a new construction within the area where it’s placed, or because of it being the wrong type of tree for the area. Even if the decision to have it taken down is not simply for aesthetics, it’s important to enlist the help of an experienced tree removalist in Perth to undertake the removal.

Palm Tree Removals

A good tree removal company should be able to deal with any trees from oaks to maples, coniferous or deciduous. Unfortunately, palm trees are notoriously difficult to remove, and many companies don’t have the necessary skills or equipment to do so. This is due to them having an extensive number of thin roots hidden beneath the soil and reaching far below the ground.

It is possible to find a qualified company in Perth who can remove palm trees using specialised techniques. If you’re in need of a qualified team to carry-out this work, look for a local company that specialises in all areas of tree removal, even the most difficult of trees.

Finding the Best Removalist Team

Along with high-quality work, years of experience, and excellent service, if you’re in need of a tree removal, it’s important to find a company that won’t simply lop trees, but that will remove them correctly and meticulously for the safety of your property. A removalist business that is a member of the Tree Guild of Western Australia is always a good choice, as they adhere to a strict code of conduct and abide by all rules and regulations.

Ensure that the company you wish to work with is also fully insured for damage and liability, follows all safety protocols, and has all the right equipment for the job, including high-reach equipment.

See if your removalist company also offers other services, such as pruning, stump removal, arborist reporting, and other areas of tree-care, in case you find yourself in need of these services once your old tree has been removed.