Roads have offered motorists an assistance in achieving a smooth and bump-free driving experience, some roads offer a wide driving space that can accumulate hundreds of vehicles in various shapes and sizes; it also offers a nice path for individuals who prefer riding on a bicycle or even walking. However, given that roads are made out reinforced cement that can withstand heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses; heavy rains and extreme heat of the sun as well overloaded trucks tend to weaken the composition and durability of a road, leading to cracks. When this incident occur, professional contractors and builders are called to repair these road damages in order to reinforce them and maintain their durability. Crack filling is one of the methods used in these scenario, and one contractor in the United States have proven to have delivered the best crack filling services. This is One Stop Asphalt Crack Filling Phoenix.

 Crack Filling Services from One Stop Asphalt

One Stop Asphalt is a contractor company in the United States, located at Phoenix, Arizona, One Stop Asphalt offers various services that includes the durability and reinforcement of asphalt. One of these services is crack filling, crack filling or sometimes referred to as crack sealing, is a method in which hot sealant—in this case, asphalt is used and applied to cracks to prevent water intrusion.

Expert contractions usually refer concrete road pavement cracks as working cracks, in which these cracks are usually 0.1 inches long and are sometimes vertical and horizontal. Transverse crack is one of the most common type of working crack, it is an unconnected crack that is perpendicularly visible to the direction of the road. There are also non-working cracks which are less than 0.1 inches in size and can be fixed easily.

Crack filling and Crack sealing: What’s the difference between these two?

Given the fact that working and non-working cracks requires immediate sealing. There are two types of methods, experts are considering in fixing these kinds of cracks. Crack filling is a term most often used in fixing non-working cracks with moderate to no edge deterioration. On the other hand, crack sealing is mostly used in cracks with limited deterioration.

Working or non-working cracks that appear on concrete road pavements usually indicate the weakness of the structure, in which contractors are called in order to fix the road pavement as well as to reinforce it by applying the best sealant that can last longer. One Stop Asphalt offers the best crack sealing procedure, in which One Stop Asphalt fills these cracks with asphalt emulsion, reinforcing the adjacent pavement giving it not only a fresh new look, but a higher level of durability.

Whether it’s a non-working crack or a working crack, it is always advisable to speak to a professional, and with One Stop Asphalt, rest assured that you are going to experience the best crack sealing and filling services and assistance, which will exceed your expectations, giving you not only a reinforced concrete pavement but also satisfaction.


One Stop Asphalt offers the best crack filling and crack sealing services, they also specialize in different construction services that involves asphalt. One Stop Asphalt offers discounts that varies with their services, giving each client and customer, services that exceeds their expectations without breaking the bank.