If you are like many of us you are probably wondering what the advantages of solar energy for your home is. I know that I was very curious about all of the advantages of solar energy for my home was compared to the power lines that I have connecting my house to the power grid. So I like you are right now started researching and found that not only does using solar energy have many advantages for my home, but also for the environment so I thought I would share the two biggest items that I found in my research.

The first big advantage that I have found is for my home and that is a reduction in my electric bill. I know that this all depends on how much electric you use on a regular basis. I know that for many of us with a fairly normal 1500 kWh usage or under we can almost totally eliminate our electric bills with some of the homemade do it yourself solar energy projects that you can make at your own home without having to worry about calling a professional as long as the guide book you are using teaches you how to tie into your home system and put the solar panels together and put them in an order to get the most power.

The second thing that I discovered is that you will be helping to save the environment by using this form of power. I know that because of the power plant generating power for my home it is going to continue to produce for my home as well which adds to the pollution that they are putting out. However, with my own little power plant on my homes roof I will end up not putting as much of a strain on the power plant which will mean that I reduced my carbon footprint.